Enjoy a breath of fresh air. Whether you're camping close to home, or truly getting off the grid, you need supplies.

Keep Warm and Dry

Camping Food Cooking

June 9, 2021

Here is Episode 2 of some recipes the Stuck’s enjoy while camping. Because we are weekend warriors, I prep a lot ahead of time so there is more time for adventure! Loaded Potato Salad – shoutout to my friend Megan for inspiration 🙂 Black Pepper Honey Biscuits from Aiesha Curry’s cookbook Pimento Cheese Campfire Cake…

25+ Best Backpacking Meals for Every Stove

October 22, 2019

You spent good money on your backpacking stove. So, why not put it to good use by cooking a variety of delicious backpacking meals rather than the same old grub time after time again? But wait – each style of backpacking stove is best suited to cooking different meals. Below I break down the best…

Easy Camp Cooking with Coyote Works

September 19, 2021

Easy Camp Cooking with Coyote Works – High Mountain Stuffed Peppers An easy recipe for a great campfire camp cooking meal! Watch us as we show you not only how to cook up a great camp meat, but how to have a great time while you are doing it. One of my favorite parts of…

Eating the wrong banana!? Hiking, Camping & Backpacking Snacks |

November 7, 2021

Listen, it’s time we upgrade our Banana snacking game. Come along as we taste a couple of the hundreds of varieties of bananas that are out there. BABY BANANAS, SUN DRIED: https://amzn.to/3njlUR4 BANANA CHIPS: https://amzn.to/3E08xv6 BANANAS, FREEZE DRIED: https://amzn.to/3hg4eC6 MONTyBOCA shares Recipes | Meals Plans | Cookbooks @ www.montyboca.com All recipes: -10 ingredients or less…