We go into depth about our @campkingindustries RTT that we live out of and have travelled around Australia for the past 4+ months.

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Tent Dimensions – EXTERNAL
Length – 2300mm (7ft 5in)
Width – 1450mm (4ft 7in)
Height Closed – 250mm (8in)
Weight – 90kgs approx. (198 pounds)

Tent Dimensions – INTERNAL
Length Inside – 2170mm (7ft 1in)
Width Inside – 1320mm (4ft 3in)
Height Internal Open – 1740mm (5ft 7in)

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The Amazing Gear We Use –
Camp King Industries: https://campkingindustries.com.au
Dobinsons Springs: https://www.dobinsonsprings.com
Redback 4×4 Exhaust Systems: https://www.redback4x4.com.au
Tag Towbar: https://www.tagtowbars.com.au
Bush Wrapz: https://www.bushwrapz.com.au
Multidrive Technology: https://www.multidrive.com.au
Diesel Dog: https://www.dieseldog.net.au
Ultimate 9: https://www.ultimate9.co/au
Autobox: https://www.autobox.com.au
Oricom: https://www.oricom.com.au
Sherpa: https://www.sherpa4x4.com.au
Dynamic Wheel co: https://www.dynamicwheelco.com.au
Narva: https://www.narva.com.au
Goodyear: https://www.goodyear.com.au
Navigator gear: https://navigatorgear.net.au/?ref=WA15
Airbag Man: https://www.airbagman.com.au
KickAss: https://www.kickassproducts.com.au

About the 79 Series Landcruiser Build Series ► After 18 months on the road in a Ford Ranger, we decided to purchase a new 79 Series Landcruiser. Nothing can handle the rugged Australian terrain like a Toyota! Throughout this series, we’ll be sharing installations, modifications, product tests, and more. If you’ve questions, drop a comment below or flick us a message, and we’ll do our best to get you answers.
If you have any questions regarding our setup, comment below or contact us on our socials @WANDERINGAUST

Dayne and Cody.

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