In this video I show my favourite Recipe Ideas For Camping Meals And Camp Fire Food.
This really is Cooking Made Easy With A Delicious One Pot Crumble.
A short look at a different take on an apple crumble, footage was filmed in 2018.
This type of bushcraft food is easy to make in one pot over the camp fire.
There are. of course, many other bushcraft ideas on making delicious food and easy chef recipes so this isn’t an original idea, simply my own method and way I cook the One Pot Crumble that works for me every time.
This easy campfire cooking ideas makes delicious food for hiking, backpacking or even around the BBQ.
Ideal hiking food and backpacking food as the ingredients are compact and light.
Camping meals like this campfire cooking easy. After all cooking made easy is worth knowing when you out hiking or wild camping.
So why not try this one pot crumble the next time you fancy some different camping food.

Music Credits:

A Dusty Road by: Dan Lebowitz

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