You can camp in the winter in your motorhome, you just have to think ahead and be prepared for the colder conditions that come with the season. We did a rundown on how we handle things as we were getting our Roadtrek 190 Popular ready for a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for a camping, snowshoe, and waterfall trek.

We cover a lot of different things, so here are some timecodes to help you navigate the video:

Vehicle prep — 1:26
Winterizing plumbing — 2:26
Carrying water — 3:37
Winter cooking — 4:13
Bathroom use — 6:19
Dealing with wet clothes — 7:55
Storing bulky clothing — 9:02
Daytime warmth — 10:33
Nighttime warmth — 12;36
Preventing heat loss — 13:53
Saving battery power — 14:37
Wrap up — 15:30

Also, here are a couple of links we mention:


Info on converting our van to LED lighting:

We bought our lights from M4 Products:

Keep on trekin’!

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